About Us

canadian-flag-web OUR MISSION
Our Mission is to promote Strategic Alliances through Business, Education, Sports and Cultural awareness between El Salvador and Canada.

About Us
This initiative for a CANADA–El SALVADOR Chamber of Commerce (CESCC) began in February 2004 with the advice and support of the Canadian Consulate and later the Canadian Embassy in El Salvador. Many talented people have contributed to the development of CESCC/Canchamsal into its present status.

Our members are made up of many different areas of the Salvadoran economy such as Importing, Exporting, Manufacturing, Technical and Computer based businesses, Auto repairs, Shelter & Home Construction, Health Care, Law Services and Business Consultants to mention a few of the attributes of this Chamber. This bilateral relationship is reinforced by thousands of Canadians who trace there roots back to El Salvador, and who contribute to the development and prosperity of both countries.

The Canada-El Salvador Chamber of Commerce is legally registered under Salvadoran law as a non profit volunteer organization with experienced people working in the business communities of El Salvador and Canada. We are working to become a catalyst for business success by partnering businesses in Canada and El Salvador.

This dynamic group of businesses and individuals has proven this Chamber will function as a community service for Salvadorans. With the Emails we were receiving from Canadian businesses, we decided to open an Information Portal in Canada.

In Canada we have knowledgeable business consultants who assist us to meet our mandate. We realized many Salvadoran entrepreneurs, residing in Canada, required current Salvadoran government regulations before investing in El Salvador.

Our web presence has become the voice for partnering businesses from Canada with El Salvador and is necessary to provide a window into the Salvadoran business environment thus giving Canadians a better perspective of the Salvadoran culture and its people. CESCC exists as a cultural entity, as well as an information service for prospective investors to help the Salvadoran economy grow by partnering both business communities.

Our Chamber is proud of its achievements and support from its members. Presently, CESCC is a local strategy to help ensure that skills of Salvadorans are more optimally used to the benefit of workers and their families and the community as a whole. We now have Leasing and Factoring Services available through a leading bank.

We are very busy in 2009 and progress in developing our Chamber to it’s present status has been rewarding. Once we became a legal chamber, membership increased and we opened our business office. Our Business Service Centre has provided our members with an office,  computers with internet connection, orientation, new Honda CR-V for airport services, telephone facilities, and a place for meetings with a board room, for our members to use.

We are working hard to develop projects and in 2009 we are sponsoring 4 new business enterprises in El Salvador and Canada. We are constantly updating our web site for members to  network and provide quality assistance to them, when it is required.

CESCC is looking forward to a challenging 2009 and have prepared a Strategic Plan to provide opportunities to our members. We are constantly working to set up Strategic Business Alliances between Canada and El Salvador.

CESCC exists as a cultural entity, as well as an information service for prospective investors to help the Salvadoran economy grow by partnering both business communities.

We are Social Entrepreneurs and maintain a program for students to enhance their studies in El Salvador. We are proud of our involvement in this program which has provided 7 students with the benefits of Social Service in the community.