Partnering Program

Partnering Program Eligibility
* Any individual, corporation, business or association would be considered for membership.
* Applicants must be a viable business, corporation in business for at least 1 year.
* Applications for CESCC must be submitted to the Membership Committee for approval.
* Registration Fees must be paid at the beginning each the New Year.
* Partnering Program fees are currently Gratis

* Please fill in this form and submit it for approval from our Membership Committee.

Partnering Program Profile

Company Name
Chamber or Bus. Assoc. you are a member?
What Benefits do you expect from CESCC?


(Who should the Chamber send information to, invitations to events, news.)

Title / Position

Business Focus

We Import
We Export
We Manufacture
We Distribute

Please Contribute: We depend on people willing to contribute their time and support to this Chamber to ensure CESCC/Canchamsal is able to function, at minimal cost to our members.

We will now charge an Annual $25.00 Registration Fee. This will make our Chamber services available to you, to join and contribute to our development.

*We now accept Donations to CESCC, which replaces the Membership Fee.

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