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Thank you for visiting our Official Website for the CANADA-EL SALVADOR Chamber of Commerce (CESCC)

Our Chamber CESCC/Canchamsal has worked to improve bilateral business relations between El Salvador and Canada. The interest to build commercial links between El Salvador and Canada has steadily increased and 2009 will be another rewarding year for our members, who represent both the Salvadoran and Canadian business communities. Salvadorans desire economic independence and businesses will find willing workers and capable staff in El Salvador.

Our Purpose is to support CESCC members in El Salvador and Canada in their effort to build a successful business through networking, education, and personal preferences. Through this Chamber, we encourage Canadian companies to set up Strategic Business Alliances with Salvadoran businesses and use their expertise for projects in El Salvador. Our Chamber is non-political and hence does not support any political views of our advertisers.

When joining CESCC/Canchamsal, we will provide Business Listings for Members, preferential prices for Seminars, discounts for advertising on our Web Pages, Membership Directory, and Sponsorship of Events. By constantly evaluating our position in the business community we are able to increase value to our members to achieve economic growth.

Membership is now open to any individual, business, or corporation with an interest in acquiring new markets in El Salvador and Canada. You do not need to be Salvadoran or Canadian to be a member. Our primary function is to provide services to our members.

Benefits to CESCC Members

Your registration fee now includes:
•    Business contacts with our offices in El Salvador and Canada.
•    Access to our Members Listing for networking or contracts/projects in El Salvador.
•    Our Partnering Program fees are currently set to fit your budget, they are now Gratis.
•    Preferential prices for Special Events, Web Advertising to provide a professional image.
•    CESCC/Canchamsal.org meetings for government updates on new regulations
•    Assist members with research, set up, legal issues, airport pick up and hotel reservations during the primary investment or expansion stages.
•    Awareness of Cultural events in El Salvador and Orientation to El Salvador.
•    Join a growing Latin American Business Community in El Salvador.
•    Use of our Business Service Center facilities in El Salvador.
•    Now offering Leasing and Factoring services through a leading bank.
•    Your membership lets you phone Canada Gratis, for 20 minutes from our Service Center.
•    Resume for members moving to Canada.
•    Access to Canadian Universities and Colleges using our Education Directory.
•    Keep current with our Sports Portal.

Contact Us
El Salvador Ontario
Phone: (503) 2257-5157 (613) 482-1107
Address: Final Calle #3 y Antigua
Calle a Huizucar #24Res. Nueva Orleans II
Lomas de San Francisco
San Salvador, El Salvador
Suite 300
5420 hwy 6 North,R.R. #5
Guelph, Ontario
Canada N1H 6S2
Ottawa Quebec
Phone: (613) 482-1107 (613) 482-1107
28 Centrepoint
Ottawa, ON
K2G 5T9
4010 Broadway
Suite 5
Montreal QC
H8T 1T8

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